Shocking, but guess what? No one was shot or killed!

ABC13 reported:

Organizers of this walk hope many educate themselves on this issue and stop stereotyping those who do want to exercise their right to bear arms.

“He came up and told us about the difference between open carry and conceal carry,” said Harper Smith, a BGSU Freshman. “Because I knew it was an organized thing it wasn’t as intimidating or concerning but if I’d seen somebody just walking by themselves it would have been a little bit scarier.”

Conceal carry is illegal on Ohio college campuses. Open carry is legal, but BGSU’s student code of conduct prohibits students from carrying weapons openly. Many gun supporters at the educational walk say they don’t think it’s fair and want state laws to change.

“People who have a conceal carry license, who are vetted by the state in a number of different ways whether they be students or not, because they step on college campus property, doesn’t make them a different person,” said Jeffry Smith, one of the organizers of the walk.

“A lot of students have that stereotype that owning a gun you’re a criminal or you’re somebody who’s not mentally stable and it’s important to show them that is not the case. It’s important to inform them of the different laws, what’s you’re allowed to do to exercise your rights,” said Del-Vaunte Scott, a BGSU grad student who participated in the event.

This group also took its message through downtown Bowling Green. It was a quiet demonstration, but not everyone is on board with their point.

“I just think it would create anxiety that isn’t necessary in the classroom,” said Ryan Steinmetz, a BGSU student.

“I do feel like some of the students are mature enough to do that, but I am not sure if I would feel safer,” added Brookyah Bunley, a BGSU student.

Campus police say extra officers were on hand during the walk for any safety concerns.

Students who participated in this educational walk were able to open carry on campus without penalty, but students who bring weapons on campus at other times will face disciplinary action.

Gun owners taking a walk and changing minds – nice!