Have you ever walked through different scenarios on how to survive and save lives in an active shooter situation?

That’s exactly what a pair of Navy SEALS did in their first active shooter training session for civilians yesterday.

“I was a sniper, explosive expert, communications,” says Navy SEAL Michael Donnelly.

“The majority of people are sheep. And we want to train those sheep to become sheep dog and be vigilant and to survive an attack,” said Navy SEAL Hector Delgado.

The men teamed up with Dr. Terrence Burns to form SAFGRU, a professional civilian security company providing training to regular people how to survive active shooter scenarios.

“They want to teach regular citizens, ordinary people what to do in this type of event. We wanted to alarm them in a controlled fashion get their heart rates up a bit. It was a ten second scenario that ended promptly. But a real life scenario would continue for perhaps up to 15 minutes before law enforcement brings the situation under control,” said Terrence Burns M.D., president of SAFGRU.

“They are not likely to have an authority figure present to guide them. They need to be prepared to take action to defend themselves and their loved ones,” said Dr. Burns.

WGRZ reports:

After a conference on how to survive an attack at a hospital, they decided to pass along those skills to as many people as possible. They will go through tactics usually reserved for the professionals during the drills you have heard about, but probably have not been able to participate in unless you are a first responder.

“If you can realize what surroundings you’re in, where your exits are, basics of minor details, you can act very quick and deflate the situation basically,” says Donnelly.

“Give them the immediate knowledge of when there’s a crisis how to either lock themselves down, fight, or escape and leave the building. So there’s three things they need to consider, and it has to be done within the first 90 seconds,” says Delgado.

“If you make yourself a hard target, whether it’s hiding or running, or escaping, then you’re doing yourself justice and you’re helping others get out. Remember, if you’re locked in a building, or you’re locked in a room, and someone’s trying to get in, and they can’t get in to hurt you, they’re going to move on,” says Delgado.

The fledgling company certainly hits an untapped market at a time when citizens are eager to accept their own and others’ security. Their mission statement sums it up: “The modern world has created a critical void that relates to the very survival of ordinary people. SAFGRU, LLC closes that gap using the technical expertise, survival and leadership methods proven under fire.”

SAFGRU is currently in Buffalo New York, but will host sessions nationwide, opening offices in Miami and New York City.