The homeowner, Jerry Townsend, said the robbers just about knocked him down as they fled from his home with some of his belongings. He drew his gun and told them to halt, but they got into their truck and started to drive away.

That’s when Townsend decided to shoot out their front tires to prevent their escape.

Authorities found jewelry in Townsend’s driveway, allegedly dropped by the thieves as they fled, and discovered evidence of their possible entry point into the home in a door that had been forced open.
“I went in and they just about knocked me down coming out. And that’s when I hollered halt and shot both tires. And he went up and cranked up before the tires could go down,” Townsend said.
Deputies have asked for help from the public in locating the light grey SUV, which could possibly have its front tires shot out. Officials believe the robbers traveled south of Hudson and are searching in that area.
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