When will these women learn? At least she had a gun for self defense, but come on – aren’t parents teaching their children that they’re worthy of so much more than an abusive relationship?

Hamilton County investigators say Tuesday morning’s shooting in Harrison, TN started with a domestic assault call around 3:20AM. At that time, a female resident identified 36-year-old Joseph Perkins as her attacker. Perkins fled the residence before deputies arrived.

As deputies were obtaining arrest warrants for Perkins, dispatch then received another call from the home shortly before 6AM reporting a shooting had occurred after Perkins returned to the residence and attacked the same woman.

During the attack, Perkins was both shot and stabbed. Again, he fled the scene before deputies arrived to investigate the second call.

Perkins was apprehended when he came out from the nearby woods he had been hiding in and laid down in the street.

Perkins was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

Investigators are still collecting evidence in the case. They are not releasing the identity of the woman who was involved in the two incidents at this time.