Enter Canadian “celebrity” Nicole Arbour.  The 30-year-old actress, choreographer, comedian, dancer, musician, singer and writer hails from Hamilton, Ontario and despite her education at Humber College, apparently still doesn’t understand that the United States is not Canada.

In her ignorant, nonsensical video, she says, “It’s somewhere in the American constitution that everybody has the right to bear arms. Yes that’s in the Constitution, but no one seems to keep in mind that sh*t was written a long time ago.”

“Humans used to think a lot of shit made sense back then, like doctors smoking while delivering babies.”

Wait, does she think the Constitution was written in the 1950’s? She actually might.

Another brilliant line in her video is, “America: you are not the fu*king Gaza Strip. Random people are not being shot at all day, every day.”

She’s obviously never been to Chicago.

Other priceless diddies she spews?

  • I hate to break it to you guys but if someone wants to shoot you, you will be shot.
  • ‘You don’t take a knife to a gun fight.’ Or, just don’t go to a gun fight? Maybe be just less violent as a people?
  • When was the last time you used your gun for protection? Exactly.
  • I cannot hunt, I am too sensitive.

Maybe it’s best if we let HOSHNASI to react to her crazy. Have at it, brother: