Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Why do criminals keep committing crimes with guns in Chicago!?

Because they know they have an 80.6% chance of getting away with it!

So sad…. yet so true.

Example: on Wednesday, the same day Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced the creation of a “Summer Patrol Unit” to deal with rising gun violence in step with rising temperatures, the Windy City reported 12 shootings resulting in 2 deaths.

Not even halfway through the year, and the city has witnessed more than 1,600 people shot, nearly 250 resulting in death. Johnson said the unit will respond to ‘major incidents anywhere in the city, from summer downtown festivals to neighborhood gang crime hot spots’.‪

“This summer mobile patrol unit will be able to be deployed anywhere in the city,” Johnson told reporters. “If we see things popping up that we need to address with a large force of police officers, then we’ll send them in that direction.”

“This effort builds on what we already know about crime in Chicago. It’s driven by gang members with illegal guns and long track records of criminal history.”

Speaking of ‘long track records of criminal history’… Dominiq Greer also held a news conference Wednesday.

Standing with his attorney, Greer announced he was seeking $15 million from the city through a lawsuit alleging a Chicago Police officer wrongfully shot him seven times.

However, the Chicago PD didn’t have to wait for court to talk to Mr. Greer:

“We became aware he was holding a press conference for a civil suit against the police department, and the police department doesn’t wait to apprehend people accused of murder,” said Anthony Guglielmi, chief spokesman for the department.

As he waited for a ride following the press conference Greer, a convicted felon, was arrested on a murder warrant for the May 27 shooting death of 22-year-old Kevin Larry. During the press conference, Greer admitted he had illegally obtained a gun ‘to protect himself’ following the fatal shooting of a close friend.

“I had no clue,” said his lawyer Eugene Hollander, who hosted the 10AM conference at his office. “It’s definitely a surprise to me. He was going to grab an Uber back home and as he was waiting a squad car pulled up.”

So apparently, it’s business crime as usual in Chicago. Until criminals are consistently prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, they’ll continue to brazenly commit crimes throughout the city.

No matter how many special teams of police roam the streets.