A couple in Snellville, GA was awakened early Friday morning by the sound of a home intruder attempting to break into their master bathroom.

The homeowner and his wife had been sleeping in their home off Hadley Place shortly before 4 a.m. when they were alerted to a break-in off their master bedroom. The husband called 9-1-1, but armed himself with a handgun to protect himself and his wife in case police couldn’t get to their home in time.

As the homeowner looked into the couple’s master bathroom where the sounds were coming from, he saw a man climbing into their home through the window. He took aim and fired at the intruder.

Police arrived on the scene and discovered the ladder the home intruder had used to climb into the home’s master bathroom window as well as the home intruder, who was lying dead on the roof of the couple’s home.

“It appears they are well within their rights of using deadly force to protect their home,” Corporal Deon Washington said of the incident.

The couple confirmed they did not know the would-be intruder and authorities say the homeowner will not face any charges stemming from the incident.

Stories of guns saving lives never get old, do they?