After criminals successfully pulled off a series of thefts from a gun store in Philadelphia, making off with 17 handguns, authorities are trying everything they can to recover the stolen weapons, including teaming up with the NSSF.

“On the first incident, which was August 26th, there were five handguns that were stolen and again on September 14th, there were an additional 12 handguns that were stolen,” ATF Agent Steve Bartholomew said.

“We believe there is more than one person that participated in this event. All three incidents are being treated as being done by the same individuals. There’s a lot of similarities, but the investigation is ongoing,” Bartholomew said.

Eager to speed up the investigation and recover the stolen firearms, the ATF is joining the National Shooting Sports Foundation in offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects inside Lock’s Philadelphia Gun Exchange throwing gun barrels at a glass case trying to get in to steal handguns.

The store owner said the suspect was able to get in and out in a matter of seconds, accessing the building through the roof. The owners are having installed on the roof to help prevent future robberies.