We get our fair share of fan mail at Bearing Arms – the bulk of which expresses the desire to see death befall us or harm decent on our families from peaceful anti-gun individuals’, but let’s highlight one that completely hits the nail on the head, shall we?

Brian, a fan of our 2nd Amendment Supporters Facebook page, writes:

Thank you for everything you do with this page and your support of our rights.

Something I’ve noticed and tried to change in my own reference to the issues that face us is the language we are using to describe the efforts to undermine the 2nd amendment. We are so conditioned to it that we don’t even realize we do it.

The use of the lefts term “gun control” is completely wrong. It infers that guns are somehow out of control and need to be curtailed. Clearly this is not the case, but every time we use that term we subtly reinforce the idea that controlling guns has anything to do with something except a nice tight grouping.

It’s a restriction of our constitutional right or an infringement of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Every time you feel the urge to type or say “gun control” replace it with what’s really happening.

Restrictions or infringements.

This language reinforces our rights and makes them the focus of the debate, not the weapons themselves. The more we use their terms, the more we allow them to frame the issue against us. If you agree I’d love to see an article spreading this message.

Thanks again.



Well, Brian – you are absolutely 100% correct. Even Americans for Responsible Solutions is encouraging their minions to stop using the term ‘gun control’, opting for phrases like “reducing crime” and “preventing gun tragedies”.


So “gun control” is out > “restriction (or infringement) of our constitutional right” is in.

Let me try it:
“California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law new legislation that further infringes on Californian’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms today.”
“Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled his proposal to impose more restrictions on citizens’ Second Amendment rights in Chicago today.”

Catchy. I like it.

What say you?