Oh gun control harpies, what would a would-be-tragedy be without you?

Rather than waiting for details on the Ohio State University incident, founder/mouthpiece for Moms Demand Action Shannon Watts pounced at the opportunity to on social media this morning after receiving a Buckeye Alert of an active shooter on campus:

Wait, can we pray to God now if it’s a suspected shooting? I thought we weren’t supposed to offer prayers in these situations, but I don’t know who’s updating the playbook, can we get a ruling on this?!

Apparently, Watts also remembered this lesson following the act of domestic terrorism in San Bernardino almost one year ago and put up a new tweet four minutes later:
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The Moms Demand mouthpiece chose instead to seize the opportunity to politicize the incident in order to advance her gun control agenda:

Sad, but predictable.

Of course Watts isn’t the only gun control shill looking for attention today:

Meanwhile, in the real world: