Well, well, well – looks like I’m not the only one eager to highlight today’s proficient women in shooting sports rather than ogling antiquated booth babes with more knockers than knowledge.

Our friends over at Breach Bang Clear have published a fantastic article called The Real Women of SHOT, showering much-deserved attention on ladies who truly are the face of today’s firearms industry.

Too often our industry focuses solely on the visual virtues of our fairer counterparts and little else. We extol boobs and butts, but sometimes forget about the brains and business. Don’t get us wrong–we certainly appreciate aesthetics as much as anyone else… but what about some actual role models? Gun bunnies may have their place bringing gobs of Instagram likes and putting boots into booths, but worthy inspirations for our daughters, nieces, and girlfriends who may have career aspirations they ain’t. We need more.

While we were at SHOT SHOW 2017 we were fortunate enough to meet with a handful of women who in our esteem are drivers in the industry.

Among the fantastic roll models Breach Bang Clear featured were our friends:

Now that’s refreshing! Hear, hear, Breach Bang Clear – we salute your dedication to giving these women the spotlight they so rightly deserve!