Acting Nassau County DA Disarms Prosecutors

Madeline Singas, Acting District Attorney for Nassau County, New York, is enforcing a policy of mandatory disarmament amongst the attorneys who put their own safety on the line to administer justice and uphold the Constitution in her jurisdiction. In a staggering move against their Second Amendment rights, Singas claims it is “a commitment to justice, compassion, and integrity” and boasting about keeping “more vulnerable people safe.”


Prof. Eugene Volokh broke the story that the DA’s Office will now bar prosecutors from having handguns, even in their homes.

Attorneys in the public eye often face backlash from criminals they’ve brought to justice and the call to disarm Nassau County prosecutors is literally gambling with their lives; lives they have committed to service and the protection of the Constitutional rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice. Singas’ glib move only works to ensure armed assailants wishing to harm county employees and/or their innocent loved ones encounter a defenseless target. It is the antithesis of justice, compassion and integrity she cites as her reasoning.

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