Hit a Different 'Target' This Black Friday



I don’t like crowds. Well it’s not so much the crowds as it is the people in them. Selfish, greedy imbeciles with a mob mentality and narcissistic dispositions, ready to attack anyone who gets in their way.


No, I’m not talking about the Black Lives Matter movement or entitled college students across the country, I’m talking about the crazy people who leave their nice warm homes at midnight to shop on Black Friday! (Can we still say Black Friday yet, er no?)

Anyway, for the record; I apologize if I offend anyone with this post. I have been to exactly one Black Friday brouhaha, years ago for an unreal sale on a top-of-the-line Singer sewing machine. It was 4am and some insane woman (in her pajamas) would not stop screaming at me at the top of her lungs in Sears that the box I picked up was hers and that she would ‘take me down’. Side note: there were about 100 identical boxes right next to us. Crazy pajama ladies aside, we hear stories every year about people being punched, screamed at, fought, threatened, and trampled on Black Friday. Don’t people get enough of that visiting relatives on Thanksgiving?

In any case, a friend of mine asked me this morning if I wanted to come with her to Target for some ad item and I told her I’d rather wax a water buffalo’s butt than go bargain hunting with a bunch of lunatics hopped up on Red Bull at 2am on Black Friday.


But then a lightbulb went off.

“Hey,” I said, “I have a better idea! Instead of going to Target, why don’t we hit some targets at the gun range? You said shooting a gun was on your bucket list and I guarantee you, hitting my targets will be a lot more fun than yours! Besides, how will you know which gun to put on your Christmas list until you test a few?!”

So we hatched a plan and I’m rounding up some other gun virgins to come with me, too. I have a few friends and am always meeting women (and some men) who say they want visit the gun range and shoot a gun, but it can be intimidating for new shooters. I try to encourage everyone to experience what it’s like to shoot a gun. The clincher is to let them know I’d be honored to take them with me because I know how it feels to be a new shooter!

It’s not much to show others how they can carry, but to someone who may not know how to get started or may feel overwhelmed with the process, it could mean the difference between spending their lives talking about shooting a gun and becoming a gun owner. Better yet, becoming a fellow concealed carry citizen who could one day save lives. What an amazing way to spend the day after Thanksgiving, right?


Fellow gunnies: Black Friday is the perfect day to take a new shooter with you to the range! Let off some steam after talking gun control with your loved ones, welcome new shooters to your local range, and encourage more people to own their personal safety by giving them information on how they can carry safely.

Its one thing to talk about being a good ambassadors of the Second Amendment, but let’s all recommit to working to be great ambassadors of the Second Amendment and being hands on when encouraging others to become gun owners, too.

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