Rhetoric vs. Reality

I let my thoughts settle overnight before I sat down to write anything about yesterday’s horrific shooting in San Bernardino, CA. Truth be told, my head is still swimming. Mostly over trying to decipher the logic behind the rhetoric being spewed at the general direction of the NRA, Christians, the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and law-abiding gun owners, in light of a domestic terrorism attack committed by a devout Muslim (no, I will not say workplace violence or global warming prompted this).


People who jumped right in, some within minutes of the news breaking, eager to push for gun control and crucify all things 2A related, need to take a step back and focus in on the big picture.

The shooting, which claimed the lives of 14 innocent people and injured 17 more, took place at a government building in California.

Every single American should have had a light bulb go off in their heads after processing that fact. 

A shooting claiming the lives of 14 innocent people and injuring even more, took place inside a government building in the state of California.

How can a government building, which does not allow firearms, located in a state with some of the most stringent gun laws in the entire country, be a welcome host to heavily armed individuals freely able to murder defenseless people? Furthermore, how perverse is the immediate and visceral reaction from the left to blindly regurgitate more gun control rhetoric rather than addressing the reality of the situation?

The answer is clear to those of us who see the big picture: criminals don’t follow laws. They see a gun-free zone and think, “Hey, that’s great! People won’t shoot back at me when I do bad things to them.” Adding more legislation to the books when existing gun laws are not being enforced or followed is obtusely futile.


At what point does the anti-gun unconstitutional turgidity spewed from the left stop being ‘popular’ and start being called out for what it is: individuals witnessing defenseless, innocent citizens being slaughtered without mercy aiming to make all citizens defenseless and potential victims. It’s deplorable, at best.

What’s worse, to blame an organization like the NRA for the actions of Syed Farouk instead of, oh I don’t know, maybe the insanity of political correctness that prevented people from reporting his home being used as an IED factory by half a dozen Middle Eastern men because they didn’t want to “racially profile” anyone, is mass insanity! They were so quick to slap blame on anyone and everyone to their right for what happened yesterday, they completely left the stratosphere of reality in order to demonize anyone but the people who committed the blatant act of terrorism.

I’m tired of rhetoric. A mass shooting in a gun free building in California shows the reality of how gun control works. Those who follow laws are left defenseless against those who ignore laws. It really is that simple.


So if your immediate response to an act of domestic terrorism was to call for gun control, thank you. You just proved that the real problem in America isn’t guns, it’s people like you who believe rhetoric over reality.

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