Obama Draws Another Red Line: Right Through America

Did anyone else notice Obama’s “tell?”

He may be able to fool the liberal media and uninformed voters, but he’s sure not fooling us.

In his first set of weekly remarks in 2016, he drew a red line separating himself and his followers from every other man, woman, and child who dares to disagree with them. Finally being transparent, he called out what his impending executive order on gun control is really about.


See if you can spot it:

So my New Year’s resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as I can. And I’ll be more frequently asking for your help. That’s what this American project is all about.

That’s especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that’s our epidemic of gun violence.

Congress still hasn’t done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families. Three years ago, a bipartisan, commonsense bill would have required background checks for virtually everyone who buys a gun. Keep in mind, this policy was supported by some 90% of the American people. It was supported by a majority of NRA households. But the gun lobby mobilized against it. And the Senate blocked it.

Still not clear? Well, fortunately ABC News was nice enough to wrap it up for everyone:
Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.03.46 AM

President Obama to announce executive actions on gun control Tuesday in stand against gun lobby.
Against a gun lobby. Not against gun violence, not against illegal guns, or against the inept government practices that fail to enforce current laws: against a gun lobby.

Since he continually talks about us, we assume he’s referring to the National Rifle Association, but his logic is greatly flawed. The NRA isn’t just a gun lobby, it is an organization to which everyday Americans choose to give their money to in an effort to support our interests. And not just a fringe, more than 5 million law-abiding citizens, not just gun owners, freely choose to support the NRA; both socially and monetarily, but somehow that fact is lost.


In a blatant effort to whitewash reality, Obama has literally drawn a red line to separate American citizens, as if to say: “either you’re with us, or you’re done”.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Monday, Obama would be “subverting” Congress by taking executive action and warned of a “dangerous level of executive overreach” by the president’s tone-deaf actions.

“While we don’t yet know the details of the plan, the president is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will,” Ryan said in a statement. “His proposals to restrict gun rights were debated by the United States Senate, and they were rejected. No president should be able to reverse legislative failure by executive fiat, not even incrementally.”

This is a pivotal time in America’s history, a fight we’ve been preparing for since Obama took office, and one our Forefather’s were wise enough to empower us to fight. We started with the First Amendment by speaking out in poll after poll in support of gun rights, then backed our words up by setting an all-time record of more than 23 million background checks processed for gun sales in 2015.


Let’s just hope our elected officials are listening to us and stop Obama from usurping our rights before we’re forced to take more drastic measures as American patriots.

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