NRA to Attend "Thank God for Guns in America" Town Hall at CPAC

If Obama’s “Guns in America” town hall on CNN left you hungry for less rhetoric and more reality, feast on this.

Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, will be on hand at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. for a Q&A event titled “Thank God for Guns in America.”


Sure to be the antithesis of Obama’s ‘gun ban media circus’ that aired in January, the event will take place on the final day of the conference, Saturday, March 5th.

Cox, who refused to attend the President’s primetime citing the lack of actual dialogue, had plenty to say when given the opportunity following the heavily scripted and rhetoric filled event.

“Lets be clear here about what this is about. The President is trying to create an illusion that he’s doing something to keep people safe. He needs to do that because the truth is his policies have failed miserably,” Cox told Megan Kelly on her primetime FOX News program. “Did we participate in CNN’s event tonight? No we didn’t. We were offered one, pre-screened question. Megyn, I know that you don’t send your questions over to the White House so I’d rather have a conversation with you that’s intellectually honest than sit through a lecture and get one opportunity to ask a pre-screened question.”

In a strongly worded piece in USA Today, Cox continued to respond to the President’s attacks against the longest standing gun rights group, it’s members and the harsh reality Americans face every day.

“Unlike the president, regular citizens are not surrounded by armed secret service agents wherever they go. When we find ourselves under attack, no one is there to protect us. That responsibility is ours and ours alone. The American people — including law-abiding gun owners — are scared these days, and for good reason. As a nation, we sit helpless and watch as innocent and defenseless people are slaughtered. President Obama’s response is not one of unity, but rather a condescending lecture that we need more laws to restrict us from defending ourselves. Enough is enough with the self-righteous and self-serving demagoguery.


The NRA is calling on the president to stop exploiting tragedies to push his failed political agenda. It’s shameful. Given the reality that he’s unlikely to listen, however, we will continue to stand and fight for law-abiding gun owners who are both disgusted and heartbroken by these heinous acts — whether committed by madmen, gang members or terrorists.”

The question and answer event at CPAC will be a welcome departure from the talking points and rhetoric pouring out of the White House and flooding the Democratic Presidential candidates mouths. Gun rights and gun control have largely emerged as the top issue in the 2016 elections and I certainly welcome the opportunity to hear more from the Republican Presidential candidates as well.

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