Hundreds Rally for Gun Rights in Idaho

Hundreds of Idahoans rallied at the statehouse in Boise on Saturday to show their support for a proposed constitutional carry bill.

Representatives Heather Scott and Ronald Nate, both Republicans, co-sponsored House Bill 422 in January. If passed, Idaho would become the 9th state to end permit requirements for citizens to carry concealed weapons.


The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been calling on voters to advocate for an open hearing on House Bill 422, saying the bill is the “closest version of Permitless Carry that has been proposed.”

The state has been on the verge of constitutional carry for over a year now. Last year, after several rallies in support of House Bill 89, the bill failed in the final stretch. This year, based on the level of support from voters to those in office, things are looking good.

Idaho House Speaker Bedke says, “There’s a strong majority of Idahoans and legislators who believe that citizens have a right to protect themselves. In the wake of these mass shootings, I think that gets elevated.”

Bonner County Sheriff, Daryl Wheeler links the state’s bill with the Constitution, observing, “The Constitutional Carry Bill would align Idaho Law with the true meaning of the Second Amendment. This Bill will not change Law Enforcement Tactics. Also, it is well known that most persons who commit criminal acts do not follow the permitting rules anyway.”

Madison County Sheriff, Roy C. Klingler agrees, saying, “The Second Amendment affords law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves and their families. Constitutional Carry is common sense legislation that will help do away with unnecessary regulation that hinders the Second Amendment’s true meaning.”


Open carry is legal in Idaho, residents can already carry concealed in the better part of the state without a concealed carry permit according to current law;

(12) The requirement to secure a license to carry a concealed weapon under this section shall not apply to the following persons: 

(d) Any person outside the limits of or confines of any city while engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, trapping or other lawful outdoor activity;

House Bill 422, if passed, would then allow residents already (legally) concealed carrying throughout the state to continue to do so within city limits.

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