Kids, Families Embrace Shooting Sports in Record Numbers

During this year’s SHOT Show, Browning, a large supporter of youth shooting sports, donated over $17,000 to the MidwayUSA Foundation which benefits youth shooting teams affiliated with the Team Endowment Account Program.


Executive Director of the MidwayUSA Foundation Randy Moeller appreciates the company’s support, saying, “We thank Browning for their commitment and contributions to youth shooting sports. Whether it is with cash or top quality products designed for youth, they continue to show support. By providing young shooters with equipment they can comfortably use, like the Micro and Midas Micro versions of their popular shotguns and rifles, they are allowing our youth to get involved and stay involved in the sport.”

In Arkansas, more than 6,000 kids from grades 6-12 actively participate in trapshooting competitions with Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program, the largest youth shooting program in the country.

Across the country, from Decatur to Newark, the increase in youth participation in shooting sports is refreshing and truly a sight to see. In fact, at this year’s Great American Outdoors Show, kids were front and center at every booth I saw.


Better than just kids, families attended the show together. Fathers talked to their daughters about gun safety, mothers talked to their sons about cooking wild game, and judging by the smiles, this wasn’t your typical day of FFF (forced family fun).

The kids were excited to see celebrities, check out beautiful taxidermy work, see Eddie Eagle, eat different foods, and were genuinely enjoying themselves. Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of kids I spoke with said they couldn’t wait to participate in these outdoor activities when they got home!

If you want to get your kids started in participating in shooting sports, go to Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and get started today!

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