Another Record-Breaking Month Of Gun Sales Shows Democrat Disconnect With Gun Owners

As the Democrats continue to regurgitate ignorant rhetoric and maintain their push toward gun control in America, American citizens are voicing their support for the Second Amendment and their right to keep and bear arms.


And not just with social media posts, either.

FBI reports show the highest ever number of background checks was exceeded in the month of January, as well as citizens applying for conceal-carry licenses to carry those weapons at a pace of 82,122 a day or 3,421 an hour.

The 2,545,802 background checks completed in the first calendar month of 2016 makes it the ninth record breaking month in a row. The total number of guns sold may actually be slightly higher than the number of NICS background checks run, as that number represents a single transaction, not the number of guns sold in each sale.

“The president’s ‘actions’ added further fuel to this fire. People see that they aren’t safe; that Islamic terrorism and violent crime both need to be dealt with, directly. Then the government’s only real action from Democrats is to try to further erode the rights of citizens to defend themselves. They’re making the same decision that every gun owner, at some point, has made: to take responsibility for their own safety,” says Justin Anderson, marketing director for Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, N.C. told Washington Secrets earlier this month.


“Honestly, I think this is still watershed from the San Bernardino attacks. That even woke up a lot of people to the idea that they are not safe and that their government cannot protect them. We are seeing a huge influx of new gun buyers. In fact, there are so many that it has totally overwhelmed our local sheriff with requests for handgun purchase permits. These permits used to be processed in a week or two. Now it’s taking upwards of two months,” Anderson confirmed.

Meanwhile, 2016 is on a path to breaking last year’s record of 23 million background checks in the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System for gun purchases from federal firearms dealers and for permits to carry guns.

If Obama and his hopeful Democratic successors want to continue to push the narrative that the majority of Americans think we need more gun laws, go ahead. Among voters, only 2% of those polled cited ‘gun control’ among the nation’s most important problems. But what was the number one issue likely voters cited as our nation’s problem?

Government and politicians.


So while politicians and talking heads continue to spew lies and attack the millions of Americans who are responsible gun owners and proud members of the NRA, We the People will continue to buy guns in record numbers. We will proceed with filling out background checks, concealed carry permit applications and gun range memberships. We will persevere in being heard by our local, state and federal offices to voice our support for the Second Amendment.

Most importantly, and pay close attention to this one, dear progressives: we will continue to educate those less informed and work to correct the dull impressions you have of us and the reality of guns in America.

Keep running on gun control, if you haven’t noticed, the rest of the country is running to embrace our right to keep and bear arms.

And that shall not be infringed.

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