Don't Buy The Gun And Lose The Freedom

In an interview that aired on Cam & Company yesterday needs to be seen and heard by every single law-abiding gun owner in America.

Following the “Thank Goodness for Guns in America” session at CPAC, in an NRA News interview with the panelists, NRA-ILA’s Executive Director Chris Cox gave an impassioned call to arms.


During the interview, Cam Edwards recalled record numbers of NICS background checks across the country and gave a brief overview of states with record numbers of and waitlists for concealed carry permit application processing. He concluded by saying, “if that doesn’t translate to working to get actively involved in the elections, if that’s your one political statement, ‘well I went out and bought a gun and got my concealed carry license‘, that’s great, but that doesn’t win elections. You talk about the work that the NRA does keeping watch, this is the time for members to stand watch too, right? We’ve got to get involved this year.”

Cox replied,

“Absolutely, don’t buy the gun and lose the freedom, because this Second Amendment is on the ballot.

Hillary Clinton, in a moment of honesty, said ‘the Supreme Court got it wrong on the Second Amendment. What she said, what that means is that you don’t have the individual right to own a firearm in your own home to defend your family because that’s all the supreme court said. They didn’t talk about carrying outside your home, literally inside your house – Hillary said they got it wrong.

We won that case 5-4. We no longer have it 5-4 based on this tragic loss our country suffered with the passing of Justice Scallia.

So if for no other reason than the Supreme Court, and the next president being most likely the person that gets to nominate that Supreme Court Justice, this is why we fight.

This is our time. There’s time throughout American history where we’re called on as citizens to step up and engage to save this country, and we’re fighting right now for the soul of our country. I believe that what we do between now and election day is going to determine the outcome.”


And he’s right.

So many of us think the membership card in our wallet is enough, or that sharing articles with our friends, or using a hashtag on social media is enough to get the job done. It doesn’t work that way. Whether you’re a member of the NRA or not, they are working to protect your Second Amendment Rights and they need our help.

Gun control advocates are more organized and better-funded now than at any time in at least the last two decades. I don’t know about you, but I want my advocates to be better funded and more organized than those working to infringe my right to keep and bear arms.

Watch the full interview here:

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