Woman Shoots Home Intruder After Altercation

A 54-year-old woman received an alert that her home security alarm was going off at her house in Northwest Miami-Dade, just south of 79th street near I-95 Thursday night.


Armed with her handgun, she made her way to her way home to discover her security system had indeed caught an intruder.

“She observed a subject leaving the home through the rear,” said MDPD Det. Dan Ferrin.

Police say the two had a confrontation and the homeowner shot the intruder. Police say they were on scene right after the shooting occurred and gave CPR to the intruder, but the 17 year old black male was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The homeowner is cooperating with officials and neither party involved in the altercation have been identified.

“She’s a person that is a little distraught because this is her home that someone obviously was in,” Ferrin said.

CBS4 Miami reports:

A couple of people showed up on scene and a woman told reporters they were family members of the teen who died. They did not want to answer questions, however.

No word on where that family was when the teen was planning on breaking and entering into this home.

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