Georgia's Academic Elitists Unite to Wail Over Campus Carry

The faculty snowflakes are wailing in response to the Georgia Senate voting in favor of HB 859. The campus carry bill is currently awaiting Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal’s signature before it can go into law, but that’s not stopping these


“To some the answer to campus crime – however mythical it may be – is a gun. And not just one gun, but many, concealed in backpacks, purses, and under coats by the ‘well-regulated militia’ the Second Amendment honors,” said Dr. Matthew Boedy, (appropriately) the assistant professor of rhetoric at the University of North Georgia (UNG).

“And as any ‘campus carry’ supporter will remind you, one does not argue with a person aiming a gun at you. To rightly answer an armed robber, one must forgo ‘talking them out of it’ and take them out,” Boedy concluded.

“Our campus police officers will tell you that allowing students to have firearms on campus makes their job extremely challenging, particularly if an extreme emergency were to occur,” University of North Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby argued, “The bottom line—we oppose this legislation.”

In fact, one woman was so vehemently opposed to the campus carry bill that she refused to follow police orders during her protest and was arrested. She also happens to be Kennesaw State University professor Amy Donahue, 44, of Marietta, GA. Police charged Donahue with obstruction and disrupting the General Assembly after she was asked several times to, but refused to remove a sign protesting the bill from the audience gallery of the State Senate.


Witnesses say she resisted arrest when approached by police and Georgia State Patrol Capt. Lewis Young confirms Donahue threw herself to the ground before officers were able to arrest her.

Sounds like a fine example we’d like our children to learn from, don’t you think?

Don’t think the Senate Democrats aren’t up in arms as well. Senate Democrat Nan Orrock cited the disapproval of campus carry by the presidents of all 29 public colleges and universities in Georgia before attempting to blame the NRA and gun companies for the bill’s passing.

“It’s about making more money by pushing more guns out into our society that already reels from violence,” she said.

“It’s troubling to see, again and again, legislative leadership writing the Legislature out of the law, creating loopholes. The gun policy is a good example of that. That is an effort to throw the doors open to guns everywhere, and somehow the Capitol is sacrosanct. My granny always said what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” Orrock said.

While she may have just made the case for allowing concealed carry in the Capital building, even a broken clock is right two times a day.

Perhaps the most ignorant and inflammatory comment comes from Dr. Boedy, who blindly stated,


Sadly, guns on campus will do violence without being fired. Once we accept as normal the intrusion of guns upon a classroom, the essence of a classroom changes. To protect students from violence, Georgia lawmakers want to protect them from learning.”

If guns on campus commit acts of violence without being fired, dear Doctor: what do you think guns on campus aimed at defenseless victims commit?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my kids learning from these scholars anyway. Book smarts is one thing, but common sense can’t be taught – as evidenced by these educators’ statements.

Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal, when informed on the uproar from college faculty and staff, responded, “I think they should be concerned about making sure that those students are taught and educated. That’s their responsibility. The law will take care of the rest of it.”


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