Wisconsin's Coalition for Justice Takes Swing at Sheriff Clarke

The Wisconsin group Coalition for Justice is petitioning the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to ban one member of law enforcement from policing political events for Donald Trump in the area.


The petition, started by a coalition comprised of Voces de la Frontera and the Milwaukee chapter of Black Lives Matter, accuses Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke of encouraging violence. In part, the petition states,

Sheriff Clarke’s inflammatory statements encourage violence and put Milwaukee County residents at risk. Given his comments that Trump supporters should “hit first and hit hard,” we have no confidence in his ability to protect public safety.

Please ban the Sheriff from policing any Trump events and protests in the area and implement a plan to prevent profiling and violence against protesters.”

The petition was started in response to a Fox News interview Sheriff Clarke gave regarding pro-immigration protesters at Donald Trump rallies, in which he stated “if a fight is inevitable; hit first, and hit hard.”

“Sheriff Clarke’s violent rhetoric endangers public safety, and his comments targeting immigrant rights and Black Lives Matter supporters completely disqualify him from having anything to do with protecting the public at Trump events,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera. “Clarke is inciting the racist violence that has shocked the country at Trump’s rallies. We urge local authorities in the areas where Trump holds events to ensure that Clarke and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office are not in charge of protecting public safety, given his incendiary comments. We call on local authorities to establish a plan to prevent racial profiling and violence at Trump events to protect the people’s constitutional right to protest.”

“In Wisconsin, peaceful protests are expected, but nobody can ensure that the inciting by the sheriff will not result in attacks on the demonstrators,” activists said.

The People’s Sheriff elaborated on his opinion in an article titled “The Protesters Disrupting Trump Events Are Anarchists. We Cannot Back Down” on his website. In it, Clarke further admonishes the riot-starters and encourages peaceful assembly:

We need to stop blaming the victim and muster the courage to stand up to this very dangerous movement. This has nothing to do with an individual candidate’s policy positions or rhetoric. It has everything to do with Trump and his supporters’ right to assemble peaceably.

The law-abiding men and women who showed up at the rally and wanted to participate, including the candidate, had their civil rights, as afforded by the Constitution, violated. They didn’t start this, but I don’t expect them to back down, either.

The President of the United States is the one responsible for creating this division in America, stoking up racial discord, class warfare and gender warfare for the last eight years.

Our ordered liberty is at stake. At some point the Founders said, “that’s enough. We’re going to have go to war over this.”

Stand up and fight. Neutrality or appeasement amounts to endorsement. Self-flagellation over language or rhetoric cedes to the left’s false narrative. There is no safe space here. You either fight or you’re going to live under a totalitarian regime.


According to Trump’s website, the only event the reality television star has scheduled in the Dairy State is in Janesville on March 29th.

Wisconsin’s presidential primary will be held April 5th.

Don’t expect this latest attack against Sheriff Clarke to get him down, though – his sense of sarcasm remains firmly intact:

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