Fender Bender in Milwaukee Leads to Shooting Death

A 21 year old man was shot dead in Milwaukee overnight following a minor vehicle accident.

Police responded to the scene of the incident near 10th and Concordia on the city’s north side just before 11pm Friday night. The shooter, a 28 year old man with a valid Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit, called authorities after the shooting and is cooperating with police.

Just another reminder to keep road rage in check. While I hope this will be case of self defense, it’s important to consider the implications of drawing our weapons before they ever leave the holster. Even if cleared of the charges, it’s one moment that will continue to affect your life in many unexpected ways.

There’s no doubt this man will be scrutinized above and beyond the norm. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn already blames the Wisconsin Concealed Carry law for his city’s troubles and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has admitted that his office ‘is concerned with citizens lawfully carrying’ concealed weapons “in collaboration with or close proximity or directly with somebody that doesn’t have a firearm and next thing you know they’re using the lawful firearm for an unlawful purpose.”

We will continue to follow this story from Milwaukee.