Clinton Hosts Gun Violence Prevention Forum in Milwaukee

Hillary Clinton was on hand in Milwaukee on Tuesday for a “Community Forum on Gun Violence Prevention” at Tabernacle Baptist Church on the City’s north side.

The city of Milwaukee is 40% black, compared to the state’s 13.2% overall black population. More notably, with only 10% of the state’s population, Milwaukee is responsible for over two-thirds of Wisconsin’s gun homicides.

The New York Times headline of the event sums it up quite well: Hillary Clinton Focuses on Gun Violence in Courting Wisconsin Blacks.

Among her broken record messages, Clinton reaffirmed her vow to take on the gun lobby in Washington and fight for stricter background checks to end gun violence.

Other comments worth noting were:

“This needs to be a voting issue,” Clinton said of the fight to tighten gun laws. “Not number 20 on the list, number one on the list.”

A few other notable comments Ms. Clinton made were:

“The epidemic of gun violence spares no one but it is concentrated in areas that are short on hope and where we still face the effects of systemic racism.”

“If a disease were killing 33,000 Americans a year, we’d come together and say, ‘how do we deal with this and how do we save lives?’”

“Gun makers and sellers are immune from liability because of a law that I voted against, that President Obama voted against, but that my opponent voted for. Because of that law, you can’t hold these gun manufacturers and sellers liable.”

“Let us not grow weary of doing good because in due time we will harvest, if we stay focused.”

“You know, the NRA always says that changing the laws won’t stop all of the killings, I think if we stop any of the killings by changing the laws, that’s a big step forward.”

On Friday, Clinton’s campaign released a new television ad highlighting her concern with police shootings, specifically referencing the Dontre Hamilton case from Milwaukee.

Clinton left the forum in Milwaukee to make a Western Technical College Organizing Event in LaCrosse. Details on her rally in Green Bay have yet to be released.