Man Flees Troopers Only to be Shot by a Homeowner he Assaulted


A Wasilla, Alaska man learned the hard way that running from law enforcement never pays off.

Troopers say local resident Codey Tallman, 24, was driving his 2005 Ford Explorer just before 4pm on Wednesday when they noticed it had “multiple equipment violations” and was speeding on Cottonwood Loop, moving at twice the 25 mph speed limit.


When troopers attempted to pull him over, Tallman took them on a high speed chase. Cutting past a stopped school bus, he fled his vehicle on Pine Street. The troopers formed a perimeter to corner Tallman, but before they could apprehend him, he ran into a homeowner in the neighborhood. That’s when the homeowner stepped in to assist the troopers.

“Tallman was confronted by a homeowner that realized Tallman was being sought after by Troopers. The homeowner told Tallman to stop,” troopers wrote. “Tallman shoved the homeowner, causing the homeowner minor injuries. Tallman eventually charged the homeowner and the homeowner pulled a firearm and shot at Tallman.”

Megan Peters, a spokeswoman for the Alaska State Troopers, said it’s up to the district attorney to determine if the shooter will be charged with any crime.

“Each case has its own merits that go into consideration on whether or not charges are warranted against an individual for their actions during a situation,” she wrote. “In this case, the man’s actions will be reviewed by the district’s attorney’s office and the district attorney will make a determination on if his actions were justified.”


After being treated at the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, Tallman was arrested on several charges including drug-based DUI, felony eluding, reckless driving and endangerment, passing a school bus with its red lights activated, violating conditions of his release, fourth-degree counts of assault and controlled substance misconduct.

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