Senator Murphy Goes Gunning For The NRA


In a speech given at a New York University Law School conference on the Second Amendment, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy delivered more than a few eyebrow-raising statements showing his hatred for Republicans, the Second Amendment and the NRA.

“The Republicans in some way, shape or form have become a neo-anarchist party, in that they don’t accept that there is much legitimacy at all to the existence of public functions,” Senator Murphy said.

“The Second Amendment has become sacred because it’s the best way for them to express how furious they are at government. They are willing to defend the right of individuals to take up arms against it. There’s no way to get farther right on anti-government rhetoric than that.”

The Senator went on to say the gun industry relies on “anti-government rhetoric about black helicopters” in order to sell more firearms. He also claimed the industry’s interest in opposing the government is what “pushed the National Rifle Association away from making any compromise” with the government on passing proposed gun control initiatives.

“By sitting down and negotiating with the government about stricter gun laws, it runs counter to that narrative about the government coming to get you that prompts increasing gun sales,” he said.

Citing guns as the central narrative in the conservative manifesto, Senator Murphy also claimed Democrats would not change their counterparts minds through discussion. Instead, he said Democrats need to “build up the political strength of gun violence organizations to rival the strength of the NRA” or to hit harder against the “gun industry’s financial influence over the NRA to make gun owners rethink whether the NRA is really the best vehicle for them to express their views in Washington and state capitols”.

“We have to start thinking about ways in which Republicans can prove their anti-government bona fides other than their fealty to the NRA-gun lobby position.”

Later adding, “It might not be the best course of action to just stand our ground, pardon the pun, and argue our case. I think you have to look at the other side and help prescribe them a way to get them to a more helpful place.”

It seems clear Senator Murphy’s ongoing grudge against the NRA is only growing in his march against our Second Amendment rights. But it’s also clear how very much we need the NRA to continue to fight against politicians like Murphy, who are hellbent on infringing on our right to keep and bear arms.