Vermont Gun Rights Group to Clinton: You're a Liar!


We all know Hillary Clinton doesn’t like, or expect to be challenged, so when she told New York lawmakers last week that their criminals get their guns from Vermont, she certainly didn’t see this reaction coming.

“This is an out-and-out lie — I can’t state it any more clearly,” said Chris Bradley, president of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. “She’s desperate to try to get to the left of Mr. Sanders, and she perceives he’s weak on guns when in fact he’s pretty consistent.”

“Do we really need this sort of negative publicity for a state that’s so heavily reliant on tourism? This is perpetuating a falsehood,” he said.

Even Vermont’s own Gov. Peter Shumlin, an outspoken Clinton supporter, responded to Hillary’s whopper, “You’d have a hard time convincing Vermonters that New York’s crime problems are coming from Vermont.”

“She knows it’s not true. It’s 0.7 percent of crime guns in New York that are traced back to Vermont,” said Eddie Garcia, founder of the Vermont Citizens Defense League. “The New York primaries are coming up, her lead over Bernie Sanders has been cut in half, and she’s taking it out on my state and defaming us.”

Unlike Clinton, Garcia did his homework. BAFTE trace data shows that in 2014, of the 4,585 guns New York traced back to their state of origin, 1,397 guns were traced to New York itself. How many were from Vermont? 55 guns. That’s 0.7% of all guns used in crimes committed in New York during 2014. In fact, BATFE traced exactly zero guns used in New York crimes back to Vermont from 2006 to 2012.

Of course, Garcia is no stranger to having to defend the Green Mountain State from liberal lies.

“We did it with Everytown for Gun Safety when they libeled Vermont with a national campaign on social media saying criminals were flocking to Vermont to buy guns online” he said. “And she’s dragging this out again and she’s saying it anyway. How many times do we have to shoot this falsehood in the head? Is it a zombie? Do we have to cut off its head and shrink it? It’s been shown false time and time again.”

Liberal zombie gun control lies. They live!