Shannon Watts Claims Gun Safety Program is Selling Guns to Kids

Samantha Bee (who Google says is a comedian on TBS) went in search of an Eddie Eagle costume.


Not in an attempt to teach gun safety to children, but to do what liberals do best: try to make fun of actual gun sense.

“There’s something about that costume, so mockable, so asinine, I had to have one,” she said.

Sorry, but “mockable” and “asinine” aren’t the first two words that come to mind when I think of America’s national bird and the symbol of a gun safety program that teaches children what to do if they find a gun.

The “journalists” at Rolling Stone reported:

Samantha Bee highlighted a glaring, surreal NRA double standard on Full Frontal Monday, stockpiling a small weapons arsenal while trudging through red tape as she tried to nab her own Eddie Eagle costume, the NRA’s gun safety mascot.

The conceited comedian then claimed that while the NRA makes it all but impossible for buyers to acquire an Eddie Eagle costume, she was able to send an employee to a parking lot in Atlanta to buy a used shotgun out of a man’s trunk.

As inconsequential as some no-name late night liberal hack is, guess who just couldn’t resist tweeting back to the NRA?


That’s right: Shannon Watts, shameless shill for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, actually tweeted that in response to the NRA, implying anyone who uses the NRA Eddie Eagle program to teach children gun safety is actually “selling guns to kids“.

Stop, dear – you’re embarrassing yourself. (more than usual)


Maybe the Toledo Police could teach Ms. Watts a thing or two about safety… and perhaps talk to her about what harassment and libel are.

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