Twitter Kills Pro-Second Amendment Ad Campaign

An ad created by the Coalition for Civil Liberties asking people to sign a petition if they value their Second Amendment rights has been shot down by Twitter.


The ad featured a picture of Newsom and read: “Sign our petition: tell you value your Second Amendment rights. ”. But according to those in charge of the campaign, Twitter only ran for two weeks before abruptly shutting it down Tuesday.

Photo via The Daily Caller, courtesy of the Coalition for Civil Liberties


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Photo via The Daily Caller, courtesy of the Coalition for Civil Liberties

The campaign is still running on Facebook and although two Twitter executives contributed $100,000 to Newsom’s campaign to be the governor of California, in a statement issued to The Daily Caller, Newsom’s office stated, “The Office of the Lt. Governor has no involvement in this activity.”

The petition reads, in part:

We need your help before it’s too late.

Gavin Newsom’s filing deadline is rapidly approaching, and we need your help to block this attack on our Second Amendment rights. Make sure you sign the petition above and tell your friends that Gavin Newsom’s initiative in California is deceptive and wrong.


I think the best revenge will be if we all share this article and this here >>> LINK <<< to their petition to Stop Gavin Newsom and blow away the expected number of signatures the Coalition for Civil Liberties is looking to get in the next 63 days.

Let’s roll!

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