Everytown PSA: More Lies Disguised as Comedy


Oh my gosh you guys, you know what’s really funny?! A public safety announcement by a popular comedian telling lies for Everytown in the name of “gun safety”, that’s what!


Wait, what?

Yeah, I missed this one, but Entertainment Weekly said:

The PSA from Everytown for Gun Safety features Dratch as the busy mother heading out for what should be a relaxing meal with her family. But the light tone takes a dark turn when they suddenly feel unsafe at their restaurant of choice, surrounded by patrons drinking alcohol and sitting with prominently placed firearms at their tables.

As the PSA’s title suggests, Everytown is raising concerns over the 40 states where families with kids can be in public places where loaded guns are allowed and alcohol is served. The PSA comes not long after Texas’ open carry handgun legislation brought about its own local PSAs, which were criticized recently on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

So because firearms are allowed in establishments where alcohol is served that means the people carrying them are all drunk? Gotcha.

Under the “What could go wrong?” video on their website, Everytown states, “We can all agree that mixing guns with alcohol makes for a pretty dangerous cocktail. That’s why it’s pretty insane that you can legally carry a loaded gun in places that serve alcohol in 49 out of 50 states.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram talked about that before open carry went into law January 1, of this year, reporting:

Gun safety has always been a top concern for many, including the National Rifle Association.

That’s why basic NRA rules remind members to know the target, know how to use the gun safely, make sure the gun is safe to operate, use only the proper ammunition for the gun and wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.

NRA rules also remind gun owners to never use drugs or alcohol before or while shooting and store guns so no one can get to them.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation agrees.

“Don’t be timid when it comes to gun safety,” according to their website. “If you observe anyone violating any safety precautions, you have an obligation to insist on safer handling practices.

“Develop safe shooting habits, and remember, firearms safety is up to you.”

That’s cool – quotes from two actual organizations for Second Amendment rights and gun safety.

But sorry, gun grabbers – it was and still is a criminal offense to carry a gun while intoxicated in the Lone Star State. The time you spent making this craptastic piece of garbage could have been better spent on researching the law rather than regurgitating rhetoric.
(cue the sad trombone and watch their ignorant skit PSA) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed, Rachel Dratch. 

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