Clinton Continues to Load Campaign With Victims for Gun Control

In her mad dash to get back into the White House, Hillary Clinton is relying on the ignorance of the American people and the compassion people feel for victims of gun violence. It’s almost a syndrome at this point, a case of Tourette’s with her zombie gun control lies that she just can’t help but spew out into the atmosphere.

The latest potential assault on our Second Amendment rights and “the gun lobby” (aka: gun owners who want to protect their Second Amendment rights) is a campaign ad featuring the daughter of the principal who was killed at Sandy Hook.

The ad, set to run in Connecticut and Rhode Island ahead of their primaries next Tuesday, is just the latest way Clinton is promoting herself as the best to tackle gun violence in the United States. Translation: she wants to dismantle our Second Amendment rights and using family members of victims of gun violence serves to feed into the delusion that it’s being done to protect citizens.

In part, the ad claims:

“No one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than Hillary Clinton,” said Erica Smegielski, daughter of Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung.

“Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has what it takes to take on the gun lobby. No one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than Hillary.

She reminds me of my mother — she isn’t scared of anything.”

“And that’s how I know that she is the person that can actually make a difference. There’s finally someone who can change things.”

We get it, Hillary: you hate guns. You hate the gun lobby, which is comprised of gun owners and citizens working to protect gun rights. You hate gun rights, gun safety programs, and actual gun sense.


But trotting out mothers and daughters of victims of gun violence is not showing a fair representation of any victim’s views on guns.

Your parade of puppets aren’t the only voices out there. Some of them have substance behind them. Check with victims like Taya KyleKrista Ceresa, or Nikki Goeser. After each of these women endured their own tragedies, they don’t follow anyone’s script.

Stop regurgitating the absurdity of how your plan to dismantle our right to keep and bear arms under the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment will in any way, shape, or form help anyone from joining these people in becoming victims.

You want to empower women and citizens? ARM THEM.

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