4-year-old Girl Bullied, Isolated to Gun-Shame her Father


Apparently, liberals aren’t limiting their ability to gun-shame people to gun owners, now they’re making exceptions for their children – including a 4-year-old Michigan girl whose father legally carried for her protection.

How caring.

School officials at KRESA West Campus in Kalamazoo, MI locked the campus down when a 4-year-old student’s father legally open carried his gun on campus. But when classes resumed, officials continued to lock down the daughter of the law-abiding gun owner, transferring the rest of the students to another class on a different campus – leaving her alone.

The little girl’s mother says her husband just wants to protect their daughter, and neither he nor she should be punished for that since he was acting within the law.

WWMT reports:

Jamie Warren’s 4-year-old daughter looks forward to a music class at KRESA’s West Campus–a class parents are required to attend.

Warren’s husband sat in on the class.

“I think he attended two or three sessions before anyone noticed that he was carrying a gun,” she said.

By law, Warren’s husband can open carry his gun.

He didn’t want to go on camera, but Warren says its for the protection of their little girl.

“Schools are gun free zones, and they tend to be targeted for mass shootings. He feels that he’s keeping her safer by carrying and having the ability to protect her,” she said.

But some parents at KRESA’s West Campus say no.

“This is not the way we live in a civilized society,” one parent said.

After a heated parent meeting, Superintendent Doug Campbell moved the music class from West Campus to the administration building to avoid lockdown situations.

Campbell says several parents are also transferring their students into a different class.

“There’s several hundred students over there and many of their parents have expressed very significant concerns and very frankly, anger towards us for doing this and I thought well, I’ve gotta respect their rights, respect the rights of the parents of children who have been traumatized possibly by violent situations,” he said.

But Warren says her family’s rights have now been violated.

“When he decided to not break the law, they began the process of bullying him. She saw him treated like a criminal for carrying the letter of the law,” Warren said.

Both Warren and Campbell say something needs to change. Both are frustrated with Michigan law, which says CPL holders can only open carry on school grounds.

“If he had been allowed to conceal, no one would have known he was carrying and all this drama wouldn’t have happened,” Warren said.

Lawmakers in Lansing are considering changes allowing CPL holders to conceal carry at schools. But some educators say that can open up a whole other can of worms.

“Police are trained that if there’s an active shooter, they’re coming rushing in looking for somebody with a gun and somebody who is a good guy with a gun who is trying to find the bad guy with a gun could be mistaken as the bad guy with a gun and be shot by the police. It’s a very complicated situation and we’re trying to do the best we can,” Campbell said.

“If she were to be hurt because he didn’t have it to protect her that would be something he couldn’t live with,” Warren said.

The bill that would allow concealed carry in schools has been introduced in the State Senate, but no vote has been taken as of yet.

As for the KRESA situation, the music class ends next week, and the Warrens say they won’t be back until something changes.

Watch the mother’s interview [HERE]

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