History Makers: Antonia Okafor


Presented by History NOW: Antonia Okafar, the Southwest Director of Students for Concealed Carry, believes concealed carry policies make college campuses safer in the face of unpredictable violence.

Bearing Arms profiled Antonia in March, saying:

Educated and insightful, respectful and eloquent, this effervescent young lady embodies the very definition of the college carry movement. Antonia’s most recent accomplishment, graciously honored as the recipient of the Rising Star of Carrollton Award at the 47th Annual Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce Banquet last week, is only the latest in a long list of impressive and well-deserved accolades the young Texan has earned.

Liberal professors and delicate snowflakes on campuses across the country want so badly to believe the students who support and advocate for campus carry are immature, irrational and downright reckless.

But do they really know anyone in the fight to protect the right to carry on college campuses?

Narrow-minded campus carry protesters be warned: Antonia is a true representative of the campus carry movement and you could not possibly hold candle to her.


You can find Antonia on TWITTER and on FACEBOOK.

If you’re heading to Louisville, KY for the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings, Antonia will be there as well!