Father of Teen Killed During Burglary Turns Blind Eye to Son's Crime


After his 17-year-old son was shot and killed during a burglary he and two other suspects were committing in Dallas yesterday, Phred Carson is taking an active roll deflecting his son’s crime. The teen’s father alleges the man whose home his son decided to rob “went too far” and deserves jail time.


But the community is rallying behind the robbery victim who shot and killed Carson’s son and wounded at least one more when he caught them coming out of his home with his personal property.

It was late at night when police say the man got an alert on his phone warning he had intruders in his apartment.  The man rushed home to find three men coming out his back door carrying his property, and he opened fire killing one and wounding another while the third suspect escaped.

“The man was protecting what’s his,” Debra Jackson said.

Jackson lives next door to the apartment where the burglary happened.  She insists her neighbor did the right thing.

“And I would never tell you, the CEO, and anybody else that I’m sorry he did it.  I’m glad he did it.  I really am,” Jackson said.

17-year-old robbery suspect Keanu Wilson died at the scene, and while his father is speaking out on the incident, he’s not addressing what his son was doing at the time of his death. Instead, he’s speaking out about the man who his son was stealing from, saying he should serve time.

“I could understand self-defense, but if my son didn’t have no weapon on him, and he came out blasting, shooting, shooting to kill, yeah I think he should deserve some type of time,” Wilson’s father Phred Carson said.

A legal expert tells us the ‘Castle Doctrine’ would not apply in this case if the home was not occupied, but Texas’ Defense of Property law could justify deadly force if the shooter reasonably believed he could not recover his property any other way.

“You know, I hate anybody lose their lives, but for what they did, I’m not sorry.  No I’m not,” Jackson said.

“Let it be their family, and then let them say the same thing,” Carson said.

We were unable to contact the burglary victim who fired those shots, and neighbors tell us he left early Saturday morning and hasn’t been home since, but police tell us he is cooperating with the investigation.


Perhaps if Mr. Carson had more of a hands-on roll in his son’s life, he wouldn’t be speaking out on his death. Wilson and his two accomplices knowingly entered this man’s home with the intent to rob him, and in the course of stealing his personal property from the residence, was shot and killed during an illegal act.

Wilson was a criminal, he is not the victim of anything but his own decisions.

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