100's of Guns Stolen in California Gun Store Burglary


Well add this to the number of guns lost or stolen police guns in the San Francisco bay area and I’m more than a little concerned with how many criminals in California have access to a plethora of guns.


Which is why residents should want more gun rights rather than gun control.

Hundreds of new guns worth thousands of dollars are now in the hands of criminals across California and beyond after a burglary at a Rocklin gun store.

Around 4AM Sunday, a stolen gold Nissan Maxima smashed through the front door and security gate at Nor Cal Gun Vault on Stanford Ranch Road, according to investigators.

The thieves got out and crawled through a hole at the bottom of the gate created by the impact, officers said. Once inside, they stole roughly 100 guns, where about 90 of them were handguns.

It makes me sick because I know all those guns are now in the absolute wrong hands,” said Bryce Volarich, the store’s assistant manager.

Most of the guns were in wooden cabinets with glass coverings. The thieves broke right through them to reach the guns – causing thousands of dollars in damages. Many of the weapons were worth more than $1,000 each.

The thieves were in and out in less than five minutes before officers arrived.

Our concern is that, obviously, criminals are doing the break-ins, and probably not able to purchase a firearm legally, and that they’re going to use that in the commission of some other crime,” Rocklin Police Sergeant Gilbert Farrulla said.

Farulla said stolen guns are often sold on the street quickly and for much less than their retail price.

He said the thieves likely focused on handguns because they’re easier to conceal and get rid of.

“If you were selling it on a street corner or in front of a house it’s a lot easier to conceal a small firearm, a small pistol, as opposed to a large shotgun, a large rifle,” Farulla said.

Investigators recovered the getaway car in Emeryville Monday and brought it back to Rocklin for further analysis. Police did not reveal whether they found any of the stolen guns inside the car.

On Monday, Nor Cal Gun Vault reopened with the front doors, wall and security gate repaired.

Volarich said he believes the thieves have been in the store before and methodically planned their break in.

“They knew what they were doing, they had it planned out, they probably were casing this location for months,” Volarich said.


Rocklin police are talking with several other Northern California law enforcement agencies to see if a rash of recent gun store robberies are connected.

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