Landrieu Admits His Measures Are Solutions in Search of a Problem


When New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced gun control measures a few weeks ago, it was a stereotypical outline of meaningless rhetoric to disguise the fact that it would do nothing to curb crime in a city crawling with criminals who don’t follow existing gun laws.


Today, Amy Hunter, National Rifle Association spokeswoman for Louisiana, penned a great rebuttal on the Times-Picayune to highlight the ignorance of Landrieu’s plan:

When New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu introduced his new gun control package at Bunny Friend Park recently, he acknowledged the proposed measures would not have stopped the mass shooting that occurred there a year before. But, he said, posting a “firearms prohibited” sign at the park would remind law-abiding gun owners of their responsibilities.

If there is a bigger indictment on the uselessness of these measures, it’s hard to imagine what it could be.  In that stunning statement, Landrieu not only admitted his measures would fail to stop criminal behavior, but also acknowledged that his proposals are aimed at the law-abiding — people who already take the responsibility of gun ownership seriously.

Landrieu is hoping that most voters won’t bother to look at the facts behind what he’s pitching and will instead base their opinions on the appearance he’s so desperately trying to cultivate: That he’s tough on crime.

The second piece of new legislation, reporting lost or stolen firearms, is equally absurd.  It’s another example of the typical gun control tactic: Create a patchwork of technical regulations that ensnare responsible gun owners and do nothing to reduce actual crime. Reporting a lost gun to law enforcement does not mean law enforcement then opens an investigation and recovers that firearm. On the contrary, reporting a stolen firearm simply means the theft is recorded. Reporting benefits the victim for insurance reasons and in the event that firearm is later used in a crime, but it does not prevent a later crime from happening.  It does nothing to enhance public safety.

There is a crime problem in New Orleans, and there is much that could be done to reduce firearm-related violence.  Unfortunately, not a single item on Landrieu’s list would further law enforcement’s ability to achieve that goal. He staged a fanciful press conference in an emotionally significant location to create the image that he’s doing something for the people of his city. It’s politics at its worst. And it’s shameful.

The men and women of the National Rifle Association are law-abiding, patriotic and responsible gun owners. Further regulating them and all Second Amendment supporters does nothing to enhance public safety. Landrieu needs to go after the criminals. Prosecute criminal behavior. Restrict and sentence those who disobey the law. He needs to leave the rest of us alone.


Hear, hear, Ms. Hunter!

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