"Stop the Violence" Interview Ironically Turns Violent in New Orleans

As part of an ongoing series called “Taking a Stand” against gun violence, New Orleans WWLTV Channel 4 reporter Eric Paulsen interviewed local rapper Kwame Gates on “the culture of violence in the Big Easy”.

The interview, which aired last night, shows a former member of Kwame’s crew approach the rapper and starting a fight that quickly served to illustrate the culture of violence in the Big Easy.

The rapper being interviewed was Kwame Gates, a rapper known as K-Gates who has produced a documentary called “Murda Capital,” and his friend Al, who goes by the rapper name Easy Money, about rap culture and violent crime in New Orleans. As the conversation shifted to gun violence, a man who used to be in a rap group with Easy Money started yelling at the group, saying that Gates should not be in the neighborhood.

Easy Money and one of his friends confronted the man, and a fight broke out. The man was carrying a gun, but no shots were fired.

Althea Phillips, a mother who lost four sons to gun violence, can be heard in the background saying, “This is where the killing starts.”

“I hate to have brought you into that environment, but in hindsight it was a close call because the person who was angry at you and me, had a firearm,” Gates told Paulsen later. “I don’t know why it happened, but I think he was disarming him so it didn’t escalate into something further.”

It seems Mayor Landrieu is doing a bang up job (pun intended) in getting criminals to follow gun laws in New Orleans. Nice work, buddy.