Extremely Bad Luck: Would-Be Robber Shot in Memphis Sports Store

Source: WMC Action News 5

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee
A 25-year-old would-be robber was shot and killed before he was able to make off with any items from the Extreme Gear store in Memphis, TN.


Police said the suspect was shot during the attempted hold-up in the middle of the afternoon in a very busy shopping center.

The attempted robbery and shooting happened at Extreme Gear in the 2200 block of Lamar Avenue.

“I’m only 24 and I really want to get away from Memphis,” one shopper said.

Police said the suspect tried to rob the store, but was shot by someone inside. It is unclear if the shooter is an employee.

Some shoppers were prevented from leaving the scene because of all the yellow crime scene tape put up by police.

“The young people don’t believe in nothing but to take, and that’s it,” Reverend Amos Connors said. “God didn’t put us here to take from one another. I’m not going to take nothing from you, because it don’t belong to me.”

Connors was at the location to pick up a suit.

No one seemed sympathetic toward the robber, who appeared to have chosen the wrong store to rob.

“They need to get a job; get a job, stay out of trouble.”

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