Las Vegas Gun Range Attracting Some Real Foxes

We like to tease all the gun bunnies out on the range, but these foxes are legit.

An adorable family of foxes took up residence in a portion of the Clark County Shooting Complex near Decatur and Grand Teton.

Their happy habitat forced a portion of the range to close down.

The mother fox and her three kits were spotted at the rifle and pistol range.

“Wow poor planning on the fox’s part,” said Clark County Shooting Complex’s Program Administrator Steve Carmichael. “The more I get thinking about it, we’re not giving them near enough credit because they’re probably safer in here than anywhere they could be,” Carmichael added.

Carmichael says Coyotes they prey on foxes like the one found in the shooting range.

“She needed to place a den and obviously, she felt comfortable out here and we shoot out here five or six days a week. She knew exactly what she was moving into,” said Carmichael.

Range supervisor will wait 48, hours and if he doesn’t see the fox family, they will reopen the range.