Bearing Arms Q&A With Kimberly Corban Live From NRAAM

In the decade following her violent rape in Colorado, Kimberly Corban is much more than just a rape survivor. Now a single mother, she is an outspoken supporter of gun rights, victim advocate and stood tall to question Obama on his executive orders on the CNN discussion Guns in America.


On the 10 year anniversary of her assault, Kimberly courageously live Tweeted the events of the day in real time using the hashtag #Kim10.

In a gripping article, Kimberly gave her perspective on how it felt to revisit the scene of the crime:

Now, ten years later, I stand outside that very same apartment bedroom window I stared out of that morning. In my mind’s eye, from my bed 10 years ago, I can look out see and myself today – standing tall on the sidewalk where I prayed a savior would appear. I’ve come full circle, realizing that over the past decade, I became my savior. I saved myself.

After receiving a tidal wave of comments, letters of support and questions in response to her story, Kimberly agreed to sit down with us at NRAAM to answer your questions!

Send your questions via Facebook, Twitter using #Kim10 or post them in the comments section below. We’ll sit down with Kimberly at 1PM EST via Google Hangout and watch her answer them live.

Can’t make it then? Don’t worry, we’ll post the link as well – but be sure to get your questions in and stay tuned.

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