If Elected, Could Hillary Surpass Obama as Best Gun Salesperson Ever?

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, I mean she’s a criminal not a candidate but do not get me started on that rant, do you think she could outdo her predecessor as the nation’s best gun sales person?


“Our sales are definitely going to skyrocket [if Clinton is elected] along with any AR-15,” said Mike O’Dell, spokesman for AR-15 manufacturer CMMG. “That’s the kind of the mentality in America: ‘You’re telling me I can’t have that? Well, I want one more, now.'”

O’Dell said that while a Clinton White House might be “good for the industry short term”, it’s nothing to celebrate “because if she actually gets her way, the gun industry might not exist later.”

Clinton promises her over-the-top anti-gun lobby attacks (AKA: her hatred for gun owners and the Second Amendment) aren’t merely a part of her campaign, they’re promises she intends on keeping if elected into the White House.

“Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby, and will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated,” Clinton said on May 21 at a meeting with Sabrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin.

Clinton has been parading the mothers of high profile shootings around the country in an effort to secure the female vote. Meanwhile, in the real world, gun sales and concealed carry permit applications submitted by women continue to climb to new heights.


That’s something business owners know will help their bottom line, but recognize the long-term implications on the country aren’t worth the increase in sales.

“She wants to take your guns away,” said Marty Daniel, owner and founder of Daniel Defense. “If Hillary’s elected, we’ll have the best four years [of sales] that we could ever have. But I would not trade that for what’s best for our country, because it would be terrible for our country.”

An overwhelming majority of gun owners and members of the gun industry

“After Justice Scalia’s death, we don’t have five votes [on the Supreme Court] anymore. Our majority is gone,” warned NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox. “Justice Ginsburg says she looks forward to a future “wiser” court coming back and overturning our victory. It’s that simple and that clear — the next president chooses the fifth justice, so the Second Amendment is on the ballot in November.”

“The destruction of the Second Amendment-protected rights of all Americans has emerged as the centerpiece of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” NRA President Wayne LaPierre wrote in a recent column.


But if it’s a fight Hillary wants, it’s a fight she’ll get, Cox promised a packed crowd in Freedom Hall during last week’s NRA Annual Meetings:

“For 20 years, Hillary Clinton hasn’t taken a walk, a nap, or a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun there to protect her. And as long as she lives, she’ll never have to dial 911. Yet she wants us to surrender our firearms and our freedom in return for a false promise of government-provided security that she will never rely upon herself.

You want to take our guns? Get ready Hillary. Pack a lunch and give it a try. We’ve been here for a 145 years, you know where to find us, and we’re not going anywhere.”


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