"Guns in America" Rape Survivor Continues to Fight for Gun Rights

Following her appearance on CNN’s town hall “Guns in America” where she confronted President Obama, Kimberly Corban started to see requests to speak at events around the country pour in.


Her devotion to sexual assault advocacy in combination with protecting America’s Second Amendment gun rights has taken the gun control debate in a new and necessary direction.

“It’s easy to dismiss threats like ISIS or even over-reaching politicians in DC because they may feel like they don’t impact our day-to-day lives. But sexual assault absolutely does. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 16 men will be victimized at some point in their lives. That isn’t fear-mongering, that’s an epidemic. And if I choose to defend myself and my children with a firearm, that is my right as an American.” said Corban.

Corban hopes to give visitors to her site not only a snapshot of her journey from rape victim to survivor, but also her journey into becoming a gun owner as well as to providing a point of contact to request her to speak at various events.


“I have seen firsthand the more people that hear voices like mine, the more they take personal protection and our second amendment rights seriously.”

Kimberly was part of an impressive panel during CPAC designed to be the opposite Obama’s primetime town hall that lacked any semblance of a discussion. Along with Sheriff David Clarke and NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox, Kimberly openly discussed the importance of the right to bear arms in America with the audience.

You can find more from Kimberly at www.kimberlycorban.com.

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