Kristi McMains: The Real Guns in America

We often say that the NRA Annual Meetings are our “family reunion.” It’s a week of making connections with new members and reconnecting with old friends both in the NRA and in the broader firearms industry.


But this year, although they had never met before, two women were reunited at the NRA Women’s Leadership Luncheon over a connection that has forever bonded them.

When Kimberly Corban was being honored by Susan LaPierre at the luncheon, Kristi McMains immediately recognized her. Kimberly’s appearance on the Obama’s town hall “Guns in America” on CNN had altered the course of her life, and most definitely armed her to be able to avoid the same fate and possibly death.

Kristi told her friend, “I have to meet her!”

She made her way through the crowd and, choking back tears of overwhelming gratitude, introduced herself to Kimberly, describing in detail how she, as an absolute stranger, saved her life:

When Kimberly began her journey, releasing her information and going public with her story, she had one goal in mind.

“If I can just save one life, then this will all have been worth it,” she told her parents.

Kristi is that one life.


As gun rights advocates and especially as survivors, we work to ensure no man, woman or child is forced to endure something a trained armed citizen can stop. 

Kimberly’s courage is an inspiration. Kristi’s story is an inspiration. But both ladies agree, their decision to come forward and go public is their way of preventing anyone else from having a story to inspire others.

Kristi’s motto is “safe at all times”.

Kimberly’s motto is “becoming a victim may not be a choice, but becoming a survivor is“.

Please take these women’s advice and carry; legally, responsibly and diligently.

We are law-abiding gun owners.

We carry the REAL Guns America – we can, and do save lives.

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