Homeowner Confronts Armed Intruder and Lives

A homeowner in Pulaski County, KY disarmed a home intruder who was wanted by police Tuesday night.

Somehow, this guy did everything wrong, and still lived to talk about it.


Authorities say 32-year-old Shane Longlott of Somerset broke into a home on Wesley Chapel Road with a shotgun, but the homeowner, unarmed and most likely disoriented from being awakened shortly before midnight, did not get killed.

A woman who lives in the home told deputies that they heard someone kick open the backdoor of their home. Her husband was confronted by a man with a shotgun. The husband struggled with the suspect and was able to take away his shotgun and hold the man until police arrived.

The couple had three children in the home who were not harmed.

The suspect, Shane Longlott, already had warrants out for his arrest when he was caught.

“We had been searching for Mr.Longlott for the last 3 or 4 days because he was a suspect in a burglary that occurred near his home,” Public Affairs Officer, Karl Clinard said.

Officer Clinard went on to say, “We remind the public to keep their outside lighting on at night keep their homes safe and locked up at night, although an invasion like this can’t hardly be stopped. When he kicked in the back door and was armed with a shotgun when he went in the residence, there’s not much that can be done other than that.”


But there is.

No word on whether the homeowner was a gun-owner and not able to get to his own weapon, but this is another reminder to keep firearms readily available in the event an armed intruder breaks into our home.

Sound off: where do you keep your guns at night and do you have a backup plan for different points of entry in your home?

Personally, I keep my handgun next to my bed with a small flashlight, but we also keep a shotgun with a slug just off the living room and a rifle downstairs in my office.

Too much, you say? Never.

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