NRA, Republicans and Veterans, OH MY!


Liberals would have voters believe that if the NRA, Republicans and veterans got together at a gun range with multiple firearms, all hell would break loose.


However, last Saturday saw all three come together for a peaceful and successful event that promoted community and activism in the months leading up to the presidential election.

The Bay County Shooting Range in Panama City Beach, Florida hosted the first-ever Second Amendment outing, co-hosted by the National Rifle Association. While the event did have a political theme, one organizer said she wanted the event to be an exciting opportunity for people to enjoy the range.

“Republicans love to fire and shoot weapons,” said Veronica Kemeny, president of the Republican Veterans of Florida. “We’re reminding people to vote. A gun is a sense of security. It’s always fun to enjoy sportsmanship and see who the best shot is.”

Kenneth Ford, a Republican Veterans member, said he learned to shoot at the Boys and Girls Club in Silver Spring, Maryland, when he was young and grew up around hunters. He agreed gun owners should be allowed to carry their guns but should make sure they’re handling their weapons safely.

“We want to promote the Second Amendment and preserve our right to defend ourselves,” Ford said. “It’s a nice tradition and it has practical application.”


Club member Terry Cypher said taking away gun rights would mean criminals would take over, causing America to trend toward Europe and Australia, where there is more gun control. She also stressed the sense of security gun ownership provides, citing a home invasion as a time she would be especially grateful she was armed.

“It means I have the right to defend myself and my family,” Cypher said. “They would only be used for self-defense. It’s what our country was founded on.”

“This is an important time in history,” Cypher wrapped up. “Regardless of race, age, creed or belief we have to get this country back to what it was.”

Hopefully we’ll start to see more of these events popping up around the country, encouraging more citizens to get out to the range to shoot and head out to the polls to vote.

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