Sheriff Responds to Orlando Shooting by Waiving This:

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, one Missouri Sheriff is helping the citizens of Bates County afford personal armed security by waiving the costs associated with applying for concealed carry permits for the rest of June.

“I feel that I have a Duty to Protect the Citizens while here in Bates County and allow them to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones while they are away,” said Sheriff Anderson via Facebook. “I will continue to pray for peace for our country and the world. But I will not put blinders on and act like this can not happen here or to people we know and love. I want to say a Big Thank You to the Law Enforcement and First Responders Community for what you are willing to sacrifice for our nation at home. While this will be debated on so many different levels please remember that your local first responders are the ones that will be there ready at a moment’s notice to handle any of these threats.”

In Bates County, the fee for a concealed carry permit is a hefty $100. The offer applies to the residents of Sheriff Anderson’s county who are 18 years or older. The sheriff also included a waiver of fees associated with the next sheriff’s office-taught CCW class on July 9th, however less than 24 hours after announcing the offer, that class was already filled.

Locals in the area were quick to give the sheriff praise and express their appreciation for the offer to arm more Americans.

“I think it’s a great decision by our sheriff because I think it’s one of the safest ways we as Americans have to protect ourselves is with ourselves,” said Immanuel Baptist Church Pastor Jeff Connell. “If someone came into church with a gun, I would rather have my members have a gun to protect themselves than having nothing to protect themselves against one.”

“Good decision. They ought to have it to protect themselves. You have your gun with you, you’ve got protection,” said CCW carrier James Morris.

We salute you, Sheriff Anderson!