Watch This Amazing Rant Against Politicians Calling for Gun Control

Mr. Colion Noir, NRA News Commentator and curator of the Pew Pew Life, released a new video titled Orlando Terror Attack Gun Control Response, which began with a bold declaration:


“I can honestly say, in all my years as a Second Amendment advocate, that I have never seen a group of people pimp a tragedy like President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the anti-gun avengers pimped the tragedy in Orlando.”

…and it only got more and more delicious from there:

Noir also created the #SteelWaiting hashtag that he uses to promote responsible gun ownership on social media, reinforcing the idea of personal responsibility and accountability. “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”

We don’t blame the car when a drunk driver kills someone, so why do we blame the gun?

“It’s time for Responsible Gun Owners to take back the image of gun ownership in this country,” Noir said of the hashtag on his Instagram account.

Side note: I would also like to thank Noir for coining the term ‘breakfast potatoes’ in this video. I am seriously crushing on that one, buddy.

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