Do 'We The People' Still Have a Voice?

Do you feel like you have a voice in today’s political world anymore? Think you’re helpless to stop the Democrat’s charge on our Second Amendment rights?


Well one person isn’t content to just sit back and watch it happen.

On Friday, an individual identifying themselves as “S.W.” started a petition on the White House website to gather support for congress to act. The issue?

The proposed ban on “assault weapons”.

The petition reads:

A ban on “assault weapons” is both unconstitutional as well as being a stepping stone in the direction of a complete and total disarmament of the People of the United States. First, our politicians will ban AR-15 style rifles. Next they will demand a ban on semi-automatic pistols. Finally, they will even attempt to ban bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns. This will have a detrimental effect on all. Not only will our hunters, sport shooters, gun dealers, and armorers be hurt, but any private citizen that depends on a firearm for the defense of their person, family, and property will be done a disservice.

The petition, which needs 100,000 signatures by July 17, 2016 in order to get a response from the White House, is not just on the site, it’s competing with an opposing petition.


The petition reads:

People are being murdered in cold blood, in mass shootings by assault weapons in this country every day. Many in our country and abroad pray for the victims and their families, but no action is ever taken to change the laws that give complete public access to these weapons. We as a people are becoming complacent and desensitized to this extreme violence. No non U.S. military citizen in this country should ever have access to these kinds of weapons, ever again. These are not recreational toys, they are assault weapons, meant for killing and combat only. We ask that the POTUS to use his executive order to swiftly ban these death machines in our country, once and for all. Compassion without action, means nothing.


The anti-gun petition has already amassed 15,000 signatures this week.

The pro-gun petition has 18.

So what say you? Which petition are you going to sign and share with everyone you know?

The PETITION to deny citizens their Second Amendment rights or the PETITION to protect citizens’ Second Amendment rights?

Decide, then get your friends to speak up, too!

Together, our voices can drown out the ignorant calls to infringe on our rights.

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