Democrats Voting for Gun Control Blinded by Hypocrisy

You know those Democrats in Washington? The ones that are hell-bent on demonizing anyone who dares to embrace their God-given right to self defense protected by the Second Amendment?

Well, those same civil servants are able to speak so bravely and cavalier about infringing on our right to keep and bear arms because they are protected by ….the very same guns they so vehemently hate.

In a Townhall article in 2013, John Hawkins said:

One of the great ironies of the gun control debate is that everyone who calls for gun control still wants a man with a gun protecting him. Every governor in America has armed security. You have to go through a metal detector guarded by men with guns to get into the Capitol building. Barack Obama has hundreds of Secret Service agents carrying fully automatic weapons who protect his safety. Even run-of-the-mill Democrats who want to take guns away from everyone else will unhesitatingly pick up the phone and call the police if they feel threatened — so that a man with a gun can show up and make them safe.

Oh the delicious irony of Senate Democrats being surrounded by guns while voting on gun control bills that would have zero tangible impact on gun violence is just as scrumptious today has it was back then.

Townhall’s Leigh Wolf took a walk around the capital yesterday to document the hypocrisy of those voting for gun control.

Cue the irony: